1320 Blairs Bridge Rd. Lithia Springs, Ga 30122

Containment Haunted House

Containment Haunted House is intended for 13 and up.  Parents with younger children should be aware of the intense nature of this attraction.   


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The dark realm is calling you.  The veil that protects the living from the afterlife begins its annual thinning as the crisp air approaches.  But this year, oh but this year, something extraordinary happens.  The Harvest Moon will fall on the night of October 1st.  A series of events will unfold that only occurs once about every two decades.  As The Harvest Moon begins to rise above the horizon and the moonlight illuminates the world, it begins a ritual.  The tortured souls of the dead begin to stir as they do every year. They desire to walk the earth again to feel what it was like in the mortal state.  As October marches forward they begin to strengthen.  They begin to try and push into this world and give us glimpses of their ghostly apparitions. 


Upon the setting of the Sun on All Hallows Eve this year the Hunters Moon will begin to rise.  As the Moonlight cascades down upon the earth, it tears through the already thin veil and opens up to the other side.  The dead are free at last, to walk the earth before the dawn under this magical moonlight.  They will wreak havoc and try to drag the living back through to the other side to meet The Soul Peddler.  An ancient being who has the ability to barter for the souls of the living and curse them to spend eternity on the other side. 


As this Halloween approaches, prepare yourself for a journey to the other side.  The veil is open and the moonlight is shinning bright, all that is real is left behind.  They are waiting for you.  They are calling for you.  Are you ready to enter the world of The Spirits?


Coming in December

In 2018 and 2019 Containment Haunted House was voted in the tOP 3 Haunted Attractions in USATODAY's 10Best Nationwide vote. 

 Containment is filled with live actors, cutting edge special effects, animatronics, and interactive monster puppets designed to put you in the middle of a horror movie.  We have created scenes of classic horror that embrace the spirit of Halloween along with scenes of more modern torture and terror.  From a ghostly forest to a gruesome dentist, Containment is one of the last true old school haunted houses that hit every genre of horror.

We specialize in your fear!


We are Atlanta's closest Haunted House located Just 15 minutes from downtown on I-20 one exit west of Six Flags on Thornton Rd at Classic Paintball.


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