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About Containment Haunted House

Containment Haunted House is Atlanta’s most unique haunted attraction. Containment gets its name from being built out of 26 shipping containers.  Inside the containers laid a collection of paranormal and macabre artifacts that would instill their horrors on anyone who entered.  


Containment delivers a very different type of Haunted House experience.  The scenes are very interactive and the scares are very intense and personable.  Our focus is on our actors.  With continuous training and rehearsing, we deliver amazing scares that are in your face and intense.  Creating new creatures and showcasing insane horrors that can only exist in another realm gives Containment a wide variety of horrors that will strike the core of everyone's fear.  We like to put you in the middle of the horror! 

Every year our team redesigns the theme and creating new approaches on classic horrors and scares that give our guests an entirely new experience than the year before.  Embracing the classic Halloween feel, Containment created a whole new set of screams while still keeping that cutting edge design.  2021 will bring new and enhanced elements to the experience while reimagining our tried and true scares and effects that will be a must see for everyone.

Containment Haunted House pumpkin creatu
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