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Containment Haunted House Reviews

At Containment Haunted House we want to ensure that every guest gets the best experience that we can provide.  We openly invite Haunted House review teams to experience our shows and provide feedback.  The reviews are published on their websites and made available to the public.  We would like to provide you some exerts from the reviews with a link to read them in their entirety.  Don't take our word for it...

"A mixture of good interaction, carefully placed distractions, and intuitive scene design offer a number of strong frights. Even the most battle hardened of our team found themselves apprehensive when faced with a certain scene inside of Containment. While waiting we saw more than one group fleeing for their life towards the relative safety of the well-lit parking lot. With a subtle beginning and an explosive ending this haunt has something to frighten everyone."

"THis haunt will be like one you have never seen.  They scare and frighten you in ways that it hits the core of things you're afraid of in life.  The actors get you involved and scare you till you want to scream and leave.  It truly is one of a kind that will leave you sreaming into the night."

"Containment’s sets are nothing short of stellar! They have this uncanny ability to make everyday objects disturbingly eerie. This haunt is packaged in container trailers but you could never tell from the inside. The sets progressed like a horror novel. The story continues to build, introduce characters and stories, and gets increasingly scarier as you travel down their rabbit hole."

"Each scene is visually stunning. The set designers undoubtedly worked endless hours to give guests a sensational journey that they will never forget. Upon entering what soon became one of our favorite scenes, a member of our team stopped dead in her tracks, literally in awe of the scene in front of her. Some of the effects used were breathtakingly exquisite, and we saw an array of techniques we’ve never seen before."

"The actors were phenomenal, and the interaction between visitors and the creatures within was incredible. I was forced by two small girls in torn costumes to cover my eyes and count so they could play Hide and Seek. The chaos caused by the unpredictable stream of actors kept me on-edge throughout the haunt, and I realized I was screaming for the entirety of the tour."

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