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Containment HAunted House

Behind The Scenes

An inside look at what it takes to make Atlanta's scariest Haunted House a reality

Spring 2019

As we prepare for our Halloween show "The Shadows", we begin using a medium that has use in Haunted House and scenic productions for a long time.....



It has long been the practice of scenic and set builders alike to use hand-carved styrofoam.  It is an easy medium to work with and very forgiving.  We began by sourcing suppliers of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS).  We have been working on adding to a scene that we build for the 2018 show.  We felt it was unfinished, and needed to be completed.  AS always, what began as a small project has blossomed into full-on facelift of the area.  


We begin with using hot wire tools to carve the foam into workable blocks.  From there we use the hot wire to carve the edges and the middle of the foam block to resemble an old chiseled stone brick.  Once the brick is formed it is adhered to the wall by using a professional foam adhesive.  The process of placing them onto the wall turns into a giant game of Tetris.

Once the wall is completely covered we begin the process of using the heat gun to melt and for the block giving them more character.  This process begins to harden the foam and make it more durable.  It also helps us shape the foam to fit certain areas.  

The last step is to coat the foam to give it a hard shell and paint it.  We use a hardener and then a stucco coating to give it the realistic feel of actual stone.  the end result gives a very realistic and amazing look that adds to the overall quality of our show.  We look forward to everyone seeing our hard work this Halloween season.  Stay tuned for more behind the scenes improvements to Atlanta's scariest Haunted House.

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