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Containment Haunted House faq

  • What is Contatinment Haunted House?
    Containment is a walk through haunted attraction filled with movie like sets, live actors, animatronics, and cutting edge special efects.
  • How long does is take to go through Containment?
    It takes the average group around 25 minutes to walk through the attraction. Some groups can take longer depending on the speed they are walking and how scared they are. We do not allow you to run through the attraction. You are paying for us to entertain and scare you, we want you to get every minute of the excitement you pay for.
  • Are the actors allowed to touch you?
    No, None of our actors are allowed to touch you in an attempt to scare you. The only time they will touch you is an emergency situation that would require them to pretect you from injury.
  • Am I allowed to touch the actors?
    No For the saftey of our actors you are not allowed to touch them while inside the attraction. If you are wating in line to enter Containment and would like to get a picture with one of our creatures please ask permission before touching or putting your arm around them.
  • Do you allow pictures or video of inside Containment?
    No We do not allow any photography or video to be taken while you are experiencieing the inside of Containment. If you are with a youtube channel or a blog and would like to video during your experience please speak with a manager before getting in line and we will accomodate you.
  • Do you go through by yourself?
    No, you will travel in groups of 6 to 8 through the attraction. If you come in a group larger than 8 people you will have to divide the group. So be prepaired before you show up and know who is going with who.
  • How long is the wait?
    The wait time will depend on the night you visit. The earlier in the season the shorter the lines will be, but the last 2 weekends are the busiest and the wait times can become long. Arrive early in the evening when the doors open for the shorter wait times.
  • If I buy my ticket right at closing will I still go through?
    Yes. Our ticket office closes at our scheduled time for that night. If you arrive and purchase your ticket before the ticket office closes you will get to experience Containment Haunted House that evening.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes We accept all major credit cards including American Express.
  • Why should I buy my ticket online?
    On busy nights the wait for the ticket office will grow and will cause a wait time on top of the wait to get into Containment. If you purchase your ticket online you will not have to wait in line at the ticket office, you can go straight to the line to go into Containment.
  • Do I need to print my online ticket?
    No We are able to scan you phone with our bar code scanners at the door. Note: if your screen is cracked or shattered you should print the ticket and bring it with you. The scanners do not like shattered screens.
  • Are my online tickets only good for the night I bought them for?
    The online tickets are dated. If you are unable to attend on the night you bought them for you can still use them, but you will need to stop by the ticket office to have them validated for the new night.
  • Do you offer group rates?
    Yes Click on the group tickets link on the ticket page for deatiled rates. You will need to pre-purchase your tickets and then distribute them out to your group.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    No We do not restrict any ages but we do strongly suggest ages 13 and up do to the intense nature of the attraction.
  • Do you have any coupons?
    Yes We have a couple of options for coupons available. Visit your local Kroger location and our coupons will be available on the appartment guide racks in the front of the store. Text "Haunted" to 31996 to sign up for our text messaging discount program. Also follow us on our Facebook page for special offers and discounts that we will post.
  • Do you offer a "skip the line" pass?"
    Yes We will open up our "skip the line" pass on the busy nights. This pass is gauranteed to be 15 minutes or less. This option will only be available for purchase onsite to insure that we do not over sell this option. The purchase option will be at the front of the line to enter Containment. You can still buy your tickets online and skip the wait at the ticket office and add it on as you get to the beginning of the line.
  • Is Containment wheelchair accessible?
    Yes We will have one of our professional paranormal experts escort you and your party through Containment to insure safe passage.
  • Am I allowed to come in costume?
    Yes We do allow you to attend in costume, but we do not allow any masks for safety reasons.
  • Am I allowed to bring a weapon
    No Not under any circumstances will we allow you to enter Containment with a weapon.
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