1320 Blairs Bridge Rd. Lithia Springs, Ga 30122

Containment Haunted House

Containment Haunted House is intended for 13 and up.  Parents with younger children should be aware of the intense nature of this attraction.   

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We are moving to a new location for the 2023 Season
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Throughout the years of Containment’s existence, it has been plagued with beings from the other realm. They appear as shadows and spirits that wander the halls. Every time the doors open, and mortals dare enter, they become stronger with every scream of terror. As the fall winds approach, these beings begin to stir and make their presence known as they attempt to push through the veil of the afterlife. It has taken 7 years of Halloween screams and energy to muster the ability to awaken their physical form. They will emerge and prey on the living and bring Hell on earth. This Halloween are you ready to experience “The Awakening”?

In the days after the apocalypse of the dead, there were few survivors. The foul stench of the rotted fills the air as they roam the earth looking for living human flesh. You and a small group of survivors found refuge in a local junkyard with fencing protecting your crew. The perimeter has now been breached! You have a choice to make. Either listen and follow the leadership of the eccentric junkyard owner (who is former military) and escape to a safer area or face your inevitable Annihilation.

This is a fully immersive survival experience.  Each person will be given a Gelly Ball weapon and 800 rounds to use to clear stop the infected and escape safely.  If you choose to test your survival skills, it will be an additional option available to add to your ticket prior to checkout.  Recommended for ages 13 and up, the maximum group size is 6 people.  

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In 2018 and 2019 Containment Haunted House was voted in the tOP 3 Haunted Attractions in USATODAY's 10Best Nationwide vote. 

 Containment is filled with live actors, cutting-edge special effects, animatronics, and interactive monster puppets designed to put you in the middle of a horror movie.  We have created scenes of classic horror that embrace the spirit of Halloween along with scenes of more modern torture and terror.  From a ghostly forest to a gruesome dentist, Containment is one of the last true old-school haunted houses that hit every genre of horror.

We specialize in your fear!


We are Atlanta's closest Haunted House located Just 15 minutes from downtown on I-20 one exit west of Six Flags on Thornton Rd at Classic Paintball.