Containment Haunted House

Atlanta, Georgia


Halloween 2019

Containment Haunted House 2019 calendar

New This Christmas

December 20, 21, 27, & 28

7 pm to 10 pm

tickets on sale now!

The boiler room rat at Conainment Haunted Hous
The attic at Containment Haunted House
The doors to Containment Haunted House
The Prison at Containment Hauned House
The shadow hat man at Containment Haunted House

Containment Haunted House is Atlanta's scariest Halloween Event!

We will open for the 2019 Halloween season on September 20th and operate select days through November 2nd.

Tickets are on Sale Now for the 2019 Halloween show "The Shadows".

Purchase your tickets online and skip the line at the ticket booth.

Containment Haunted House is intended for 13 and up.  Parents with younger children should be aware of the intense nature of this attraction.   

Deep within the bowels of Containment lay its darkest secrets. It has been rumored that something truly evil lies within. Creatures from another realm, stuck between two worlds, wonder the winding labyrinth of shipping containers. They appear only for mere moments and vanish into the night. They are tormented by the never-ending void they are trapped in. As All Hallows Eve approaches, the veil that shrouds them becomes thin. They grow to become a part of Containment, not only preying on the public that enters, but the creatures that reside within become victims as well. Their strength grows as hordes of fearful subjects walk through wrought iron gates. They feed off the energy that is created by fear and anxiety. As Halloween approaches, these entities take on new life and create new, unexpected fears inside Containment. This is no ordinary Haunted House. It is a gateway to the afterlife and harbingers of doom usher in the condemned. As you enter Containment Haunted House this Halloween season, know that you have left the world you know and entered the world of “The Shadows”.

Containment Haunted House is the most unique and interactive haunted house in Atlanta.  We are celebrating our 5th Halloween season in 2019, and we are creating new and exciting ways of scaring the people of Atlanta and North Georgia.  


In 2018 Containment Haunted House was the #2 Haunted Attraction in USATODAY's 10Best Nationwide vote. 

 Containment is filled with live actors, cutting edge special effects, animatronics, and interactive monster puppets designed to put you in the middle of a horror movie.  We have created scenes of classic horror that embrace the spirit of Halloween along with scenes of more modern torture and terror.  From a ghostly forest to a gruesome dentist, Containment is one of the last true old school haunted houses that hit every genre of horror.

We specialize in your fear!


We are Atlanta's closest Haunted House located Just 15 minutes from downtown on I-20 one exit west of Six Flags on Thornton Rd at Classic Paintball.


Check out our behind the scenes page to see how we prepare Atlanta's most unique Haunted House for the Halloween season.  It takes a team of dedicated people many hours creating and building the scenes and scary effects inside, and outside, Containment Haunted House.  

Also, follow our BLOG and read interesting articles that are Halloween and Haunted House related.

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